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Full-stack IT solutions for long-lasting collaborations

Start-up Friendly

We help you grow your business idea by reliably handling architecture, design, development and infrastructure, so that you can focus on what's really important for your product and its growth.


Our team is composed of veteran architects, developers, designers and trainers, all with vast industry experience, having worked for high-profile customers and on high-performance applications.


Our goal of long-lasting collaborations can only be met with high-quality, long-lasting solutions; this is why our team is certified by professional organisations and why we leverage the best industry practices.

Close collaboration

We know that every business is different, so we spend time understanding what makes yours unique and help you discover innovative ways of enhancing your organisation's productivity through technology, the web, and IoT.

Rapid Feedback

We know that products constantly evolve in dynamic markets, so our team has an Agile approach: we ship a working version of your product every two weeks, allowing you to get rapid feedback from customers and to respond to market events.

Transparent Pricing

Our transparent pricing options allow you to chose what features are built, when they are built and how they are prioritised, allowing you to have control over the elements that make your product great and to have a clear view on costs.


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We make a difference

Dreamlabs offers a variety of customised services, because we know every customer is different. Our highly experienced team will make an impact in your business: quality work, on-time delivery, scalable systems and higher development throughput.

Software Development

Whether your business is interested in developing a new product, refactoring a legacy application or temporarily scaling your development team, we can help. For web development, we use enterprise frameworks such as Symfony for PHP or Spring for Java, and we also handle development of mobile and IoT projects.

Enterprise Training

We provide customised training to help development teams approach enterprise projects. Beyond the fundamental concepts of maintainable applications (TDD, XP, SOLID, Design Patterns), our team also approaches dedicated topics on architectural patterns, delivery pipelines, infrastructure automation and scalable cloud applications.

Systems Architecture

Our system architects create the overarching design of a project, providing an overview on infrastructure topology, automation, microservices, software delivery pipelines and development practices. For legacy projects, our team defines refactoring plans and sets up quality checks in order to enhance the solution.

Dreamlabs Academy

Our latest Academy content

Designing Layered Architecture (3/3)

20 Feb 2017


5 years ago

The final chapter of the series focuses on the business logic layer, on how multiple adapters can be created for an application (hexagonal architecture) and on the responsibilities of the presentation layer.

Designing Layered Architecture (2/3)

27 Jan 2017


5 years ago

This is the second article in a series on how developers can build layered applications, and how they can be structured to easily support change. Also introducing the DTO and DAL actors, as well as a few refactoring practices.

Designing Layered Architecture (1/3)

07 Jan 2017


5 years ago

Today we’re going to start on a journey of exploring layered architecture — a style used to structure medium-large applications or microservices that require flexibility and tolerance for change requests.

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